My name is Lindsey Carlegis, and I am honored to serve as your PTA president for the 2023-2024 school year. I have been a proud cheetah parent for the last eight years. On behalf of the PTA membership, welcome to Park Glen Elementary! Whether you are supporting a first-time student or one who has seen many children pass through the halls, rest assured they are in a wonderful place full of supportive teachers, administrators, and staff.

Through collaboration, commitment, diversity, respect, and accountability, the mission of the Texas PTA and all of its local associations is to “To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.”

Our PTA organizes special programs and events, provides Academic Enrichment programs, such as Cheetah Math and Reading Olympics, encourages the creativity of our students through the annual Reflections program and Park Glen Press, and supports our teachers, administrators, and staff with different hospitality events throughout the year.

Membership in PTA is open to anyone who supports the PTA mission and wants to be involved in making a difference in the education, health, and welfare of children. Along with Texas PTA, our goal is to have one voice for every child on our campus. We thrive on the participation of the school community! There are many ways to get involved, from simply purchasing a membership to joining a committee, volunteering your time and resources, or attending the membership meetings held throughout the year, there is a place for you here! If you care about our community’s schools and students, #YouCanPTA!

I look forward to a fantastic year and welcome your questions and input! 

Lindsey Carlegis
Park Glen PTA President
#cheetahstrong #chargernation 


 ​​Joining the PTA is so easy and rewarding.  Memberships cost $7 and there are NO minimum time commitments. Whether you want to organize an event, join a committee, or simply help out as you have time -  involvement level is completely up to you. 

We have PTA General Membership meetings one evening a month. These meetings are held in conjunction with a PTA sponsored family engagement program or grade-level program. Meetings are an opportunity to stay in the know regarding current PTA endeavors and the programs allow you to spend time with your family and connect with the PGE community

We will have membership sign-up available at most school events so you can learn more about how to join and how you can help make Park Glen Elementary the best it can be.

Get Involved

You are your child's most important role model and by joining the PTA, you are showing them that you value their education and will teach them to value it as well.  As a PTA member, you become an advocate for our school and assist  in contributing to a positive learning environment.

Build Relationships

The PTA is comprised of parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, and students.  By joining the PTA, you build relationships with other parents, teachers, and PGE community members through volunteer opportunities and various PTA sponsored events.


PTAs advocate for public education at the local, state, and national levels. In addition to promoting initiatives that directly affect our school, we also participate in state lobby days to promote student focused legislation and policies.

2023 - 2024

The Park Glen PTA board is comprised of elected volunteers who want to use their personal and professional expertise to help further the PTA through the various responsibilities that the position requires. If you want to volunteer or help out with any of these positions, we would love for you to join a committee!

Lindsey Carlegis

PTA President

Directs the affairs of the Park Glen PTA in cooperation with the PTA Board and PGE Staff.

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1st VP - Community Outreach

Aide-to-the-president; coordinates the affairs of the fundraising, membership, and communications committees.

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Anjel McGeorge

2nd VP - Campus Engagement

Second aide-to-the-president, coordinates the affairs of the hospitality, programs, projects, volunteers, and academic enrichment committees.

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Jenny Roehm


Maintains PTA funds and financial records and receives and disburses all PTA monies

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Michele Degnon


Maintains PTA records and presents the minutes to the board and larger membership

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Caitlin Mitchell


Presides over procedure and maintains records of governing documents

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Julie Dylla

Membership Chair

Implements strategies and events to recruit and establish an active PTA membership.

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Jennifer Daniels

Academic Enrichment Chair/Arts in Education 

Coordinates the efforts of the academic enrichment committees (ex., Arts in Education, Cheetah Math, Park Glen Press, Reading Olympics, Valentine Grams.) Coordinates the Park Glen PTA Reflections art program and recognition ceremony.

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Nena Chima-Tetteh

Advocacy (Legislative)

Identifies policy issues of interest, informs the membership, and advocates for policies aligned with Texas PTA's Legislative Priorities.

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Rachael Ross

Fundraising Chair

Evaluates fundraising goals, investigates potential fundraisers, and coordinates fundraisers throughout the year.

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Karlee Trimble

Volunteers Chair

Organizes volunteers; mentors and guides room parents with organizing PGE events/class parties.

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Kristy Shallcross

Programs Chair

Assess members' and students' needs for programs; identify and coordinate PTA programs.

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Chrystal Redd

Campus Hospitality Chair

Coordinates special appreciation events (ex. Back-to-School staff event, monthly staff appreciation, and Teacher Appreciation Week) for the teachers and staff of PGE.

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Sarah Dodson

Projects Chair

Plans and organize special PTA-sponsored events for the school year (Ex. Grandpal's Celebration, Winter Store, Red Ribbon Week), etc.

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Megan White

Math Enrichment Committee - Cheetah Math

Coordinates Cheetah Math, a weekly math enrichment program

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Laney Hawes

Communications Chair

Coordinates the efforts of the communications committees (ex., Social Media, Website/Historian, Yearbook, Feeder Pattern Liaison). Coordinates the organization of student submissions and publication of the Park Glen Press.

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Leslie Graham

Park Glen Press Committee 

Coordinates the organization of student submissions and publication of the Park Glen Press.

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Liz Harryman

Reading Enrichment Committee - Reading Olympics

Coordinates Reading Olympics, a year-long reading enrichment program.

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Tina Wawzysko

Yearbook Committee

Creates the PGE yearbook; coordinates sales and distribution of the yearbook

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Dallas Ovalle

Valentine Grams Committee/Dads On Duty

Coordinates the collection and dissemination of Valentine Grams.

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Alexandria Anderson

Social Media Committee

Responsible for maintaining PTA social media accounts, ex., Facebook and Instagram.

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Amanda Webb

PTA Website Committee

Responsible for maintaining the PTA website.

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Emily Kaellner

Historian Book Committee

Responsible for maintaining the PTA website and creating the yearly PTA historian book.

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Nathan Roub

Park Glen Elementary Principal

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Leyah Miles

Park Glen Elementary Assistant Principal

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Kim Gregg

Campus Liaison

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