Park Glen

April ​​
July 31-Aug 1- Kinder Camp
Aug 9- Meet the Teacher 6-7p
Aug 15- First Day of School
Aug 20- 4th Grade Orientation 5:30-6:15p
Aug 21- Kinder Orientation 5:30-6:15p
Aug 21- 3rd Grade Orientation 6:15-7p
Aug 22- 1st Grade Orientation 5:30-6:15p
Aug 22- 2nd Grade Orientation 5:30-6:15p


​​As schools continue to lose state funding they are becoming more and more dependent on PTA's for fundraising revenue to help them supplement their tightening school budgets.  That is why your participation in the PTA is so important.  The money raised through our multiple fundraisers go directly to our school.  Past fundraisers have provided thousands of dollars to aid in technology, library, and the arts programs.  Below is a list of our current fundraisers.


  • We build powerful leaders while raising more money than previously possible for our schools.
  • Apex Fun Run combines the power of a strong character curriculum with fitness that is fun.
  • Leadership
  • Fitness
  • Our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year!
  • Thousands of dollars have been earned to purchase Chromebooks for students and support academic enrichment programs such as Cheetah Math,  Reading Olympics, Mad Science Club, and Reflections.
  • October16-26 Pledge Drive
  • ​October 26th FUN RUN!!!

For the past three years, the PTA has chosen APEX to provide the support and coordination of our biggest fundraiser- the FUN RUN!  The kids absolutely love this fundraiser as this local company provides incredible energy and tons of fun into this fundraiser for the kids.  Students can earn prizes through the various levels of fundraising they bring in.  Classes have overall competitions where they get to slime the principal or pie the faces of the APEX Crew.  This is an exciting time that occurs during our RED RIBBON WEEK in October.

For more information please contact Maria Cornwell,


  • Just clip the box top on packaging
  • Collect in a bag throughout the year
  • Send to school with student throughout the year
  • School earns $0.10 per box top!
  • EASY!

There's an app for that! 

Click on the images below to learn more about the Boxtops App and the Shoparoo App. Both easy ways to help our school.


  • Feb 20- Spring Creek BBQ


  • $1 each
  • Seasonal Spirit Sticks for purchase throughout the year
  • Used as Incentives and Awards for Student Recognition and Participation
  • Kids LOVE to collect these as a way to show their personality and SCHOOL SPIRIT!

Spirit Sticks® are small custom-embroidered patches that students can earn, collect, and display on a Spirit Ring™, lanyard, or key ring. Spirit Sticks® promote school spirit and participation by providing meaningful extrinsic rewards with lasting value, beyond the school year.   We use Spirit Sticks as not just a fundraiser but also as incentives and awards for student recognition and participation.  Sales flyers will be sent home with students with sticks available for purchase throughout the year.

For more information please contact Cindy Gardner,