Park Glen

Award Ceremony Schedule
K - May 23 8:30am
1 - May 26 8:30am
2 - May 30 8:30am
3 - May 31 8:30am
4 - June 1   8:30am

Yearbooks will be sold on a first come first served basis

prior to each award ceremony.

About our PTA

PTA, or Parent Teacher Association, is a grassroots organization made up of parents, grandparents, and educators who want to provide a powerful and effective voice for all children here at Park Glen Elementary.


​​Why join the PTA?? It's GREAT for your children!!  You are your child's most important role model and by joining the PTA you are showing them that you value their education and will teach them to value it as well.  As a member of the PTA, your voice can be heard as you become an advocate for our school as the PTA helps to create a positive learning environment.  By attending PTA meetings you get to have your say as a parent by having the opportunity to raise your concerns, suggest ideas and provide input to how funds are spent.  Most importantly, you will be in the know at what is going on within the walls of Park Glen Elementary by getting to know members of the faculty and staff!
​​As schools continue to lose state funding they are becoming more and more dependent on PTA's for fundraising revenue to help them supplement their tightening school budgets.  That is why your participation in the PTA is so important.  The money raised through our multiple fundraisers go directly to our school.  Past fundraisers have provided thousands of dollars to aid in technology, library, and the arts programs.
​​Joining the PTA is so easy and rewarding.  It only cost $6.50 and there are NO minimum time commitments.  Your amount of participation is up to you.  Whether you want to organize an event, join a committee or simply help out one day is completely up to you.  We have monthly General PTA Meetings in the evenings (and usually before another school event) that you can attend and be heard.  We will have membership sign-up available at our Back To School Bash on August 18 so you can learn more about how to join and how you can help make Park Glen Elementary the best it can be.


The PGE PTA Board is comprised of elected volunteers who want to use their professional and personal expertise to help further the PTA through the various responsibilities that the position requires.  If you want to volunteer or help out with any of these positions,
the Chair would love for you to join them on a committee!
Mandee Clark,
Christina Hensey,
1st VP Programs and Parent Education
Ann Barnes,
2nd VP Membership

Mandee has been a vital part of the PTA for several years having been the former Chair of Fundraising!  As President, she directs the affairs of the PGE PTA in cooperation with the PTA Board and PGE Staff.

Curious about joining PTA? Ann Barnes is the lady with the answers!  As 2nd VP Membership, Ann implements programs that help to recruit and establish an informed and involved PTA membership.  Through her leadership in this position, the PGE PTA has won multiple awards for membership!
Christina has been vital to not just PGE's PTA but now also Parkwood Hill PTA as our past Treasurer.  As 1st VP Programs and Parent Education, she will plan the entertaining and educational programs for the PGE General Association meetings as well as the PGE PTA Talent Show.  Christina will also help provide educational workshops and handouts
to the PGE Parents.
Maria Cornwell,
3rd VP Fundraising
Kierra Woods,
Lesley Munizza,
4th VP Volunteers
Fundraising by the PTA is vital to our school to help aid them in providing our students with the best resources and technology they need when the budgets keep getting tightened by the state.  Fundraising also allows us to secure the funds the PTA needs tto put on great events for the students and show our appreciation for the PGE faculty and staff.
Kierra has been an integral part of our PTA as the past two years she has been our 4th VP of Volunteers.  This school year, Kierra will be our record holder as she keeps the minutes of the PTA proceedings and present the Executive Board Report to the General Association.
The PTA is nothing without the help and support of our volunteers!!  
Lesley is our go-to when it comes to the recruiting and placement of volunteers for school and PTA activities.  As 4th VP,
 she will help to mentor and guide Homeroom Parent volunteers with the organization of class parties.  She also organizes the Volunteer Appreciation lunch.  If you are interested in volunteering,
please contact Lesley!
Kimberly DuBois,
The Park Glen PTA is a very active and award winning association.  As Historian, Kimberly will maintain record of the
PTA-sponsored evetns and activities throughout the year by creating a scrapbook of our photos and awards.
Daniela Wood
Holly Wise,
Council Delegate
Holly is a tremendous asset to this position as she has been the PGE President for the past two years.  As Parliamentarian, Holly advises presiding officers on parliamentary law and matters of procedure.  
She represents our local PTA at
Council Meetings and acts as a liason between the two.
Sherry Fox,
This is quite a loaded position despite how humble the title!  This position provides assistance and support services to the librarian and organizes voluntary academic enrichment programs for the students (e.g. Reading Olympics, Six Flags Program).  Sherry is also responsible for providing information through the various media by maintaining the PTA Website, Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
Joni Smith,
Being informed is the first step to a productive and positive PTA!  Joni will help keep everyone informed through our Cheetah Chatter Newsletter.  This position oversees the compiling, editing, publishing and distribution of this newsletter.
Candace Vincent,
Arts in Education
This position introduces students to various art forms to cultural literacy and promotes the Texas PTA Reflections Contest.
PTA Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home. Students of all grades and abilities may participate and explore the arts based on the 2016-2017 theme: 
What Is Your Story?

To participate, contact Candace!
Kristen Reaves,
Liz Cabrera,
This position provides programs, projects and services to promote local and global environmental awareness.  This position also coordinates and facilitates the Green Team to help maintain the student garden in the back of the school.  If you have a green thumb, this is definitely a committee to join!
This position is quite the fun one as it implements projects and events that are for the enjoyment and the physical edification of the students and families.  This position helps coordinate and facilitate the Back to School Bash and the Reindeer Store.

Liz Cabrera
Misty Dansby,
Spirit Sticks
If you already have a child in Park Glen Elementary, then you know what the Spirit Stick is!!! This fun fundraiser helps fund PTA events by selling seasonal spirit sticks that children can choose from to fill their Spirit Monkey Keyring!
Leittia Knight
Council Delegate
Shannon Falkonrath,
  As Chair of legislative, Leittia will inform the association of legislative issues affecting the familes and staff of PGE.  This position also represents the local PTA at Council meetings and acts as a liason between the two.

As former Historian, Shannon is a great choice to take over the Yearbook duties this year! This position compiles, creates and distributes the PGE Cheetah Yearbook!  Responsibilities include collecting orders, creation of yearbook, Dedication sales        and distribution at the end of the year.
Stephanie Bartholomew,
Stacey Brewster,
Stacey is our hostess with the mostest!
In this position, she will host
special appreciation events for teachers, students and staff of Park Glen Elementary.  This involves the coordination of
the Back to School Teacher Luncheon, Grandpal's Day Breakfast and numerous teacher appreciation events.
Kristyn Laughter,
Publishing House
This is Kristyn's first year on the PGE Board and she is taking on and updating
the PAWS Publishing Program!  
This position helps to encourage students to develop their writing skills.  Her tasks will include editing and publishing the
PAWS isses several times
throughout the year, as well as,
Valentine Grams.
Melanie Gray,
Health & Safety
As counselor of Park Glen Elementary, Melanie brings great insight into the needs of our students to the Board.  This position promotes the health and safety in our school (e.g. planning and implementing
Red Ribbon Week, WOW program and promote Casey's Kids).
Milina Stoddard,
Box Tops
You know those little pink boxes on your groceries like Old El Paso and Betty Crocker packages?  Each one of those little pink squares when turned in to Milina provide
10 cents to the school.  Last year, Milina was able to get over $3000 for Park Glen Elementary to purchase new Chromebooks for the classrooms!  Save those box tops and send them to school with your children!
Sean Taton,
Academic Enrichment
Sean is excited to bring a newly revised Cheetah Math program to PGE!  Cheetah Math is a weekly extracurricular math enrichment program that students can participate in to earn lots of great prizes and a trophy at the End of the Year Program.
David Jacoby,
Dad's Club
As Chair of Dad's Club, David will coordinate all the great "Dad's" activities throughout the school year such as Mad Science Night, Pizza Night and the Homecoming Float!  Not to mention, this position is so special it gets its own VIP Parking Spot!!!
Jennifer Desselles,
Teacher Liason
Nicole Watkins,
Assistant Principal
Jennifer is a fourth grade teacher at
Park Glen Elementary and acts as a liason between the teachers and the PTA.
We want to welcome Nicole Watkins as our new Assistant Principal and PTA Board member. Nicole brings a variety of teaching and leadership experiences to Park Glen, and previously worked in Irving ISD, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, and for the Department of Defense in teaching and administrative roles.  Nicole will be a great asset to the school and a welcoming point of contact for your questions and concerns.
Craig Weston,
Mr. Weston has worked in education for 18 years.  The first eleven were spent as a middle school science teacher in 3 different districts.  He spent four years as the assistant principal for Hillwood Middle school and another year at Timberview Middle School.  Being Principal for the past year at Park Glen has been "invigorating and every day is filled with joy."  He may be the principal of PGE, but he is an incredible asset to the PTA Board as he is an advocate for us as we are advocates for the school!