Park Glen

April ​​
July 31-Aug 1- Kinder Camp
Aug 9- Meet the Teacher 6-7p
Aug 15- First Day of School
Aug 20- 4th Grade Orientation 5:30-6:15p
Aug 21- Kinder Orientation 5:30-6:15p
Aug 21- 3rd Grade Orientation 6:15-7p
Aug 22- 1st Grade Orientation 5:30-6:15p
Aug 22- 2nd Grade Orientation 5:30-6:15p


The Park Glen PTA is an organization where parents, teachers and students strive to improve  their school through a variety of programs, fundraisers and events.  By joining and participating in the PTA you can help ensure that your children's education, safety and best interests are top priority.

Comprised of Parents, Grandparents, Educators and Students


Greetings Cheetah Parents,

I'm excited to return as PTA President and would like to welcome back returning students and families!

would also like to extend a warm Cheetah welcome to our new families and staff. To all of you, I look

forward to making the 2017-2018 school year a fun, exciting, and productive year.

The purpose of PTA, above all else, is to support and enrich the education and well-being of the

students. “Every Child – One Voice” is the National and Texas PTA motto. The Parent Teacher

Association is one of the strongest voices in the educational process that directly supports our children

and school. This year will be no exception! Your PTA has been hard at work preparing an enhanced

learning environment for all of our students. Our staple programs of Reading Olympics, Cheetah Math,

and Paws Publishing  underwent complete makeovers last year to much success

and our new Chairmen are enthusiastic to continue these programs and share them with our students.

These programs are designed to enrich and reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom setting.

I highly encourage you and your students to take advantage and participate!

In addition to our classics we will be continuing our student leadership program that was an AMAZING success

in it's first year! The PTA All-Stars (Achieving Lasting Leadership Skills Through Advocacy

Responsibility and Service) will have the opportunity, with a both a student and parent paid PTA membership,

to participate in and attend monthly meetings, provide service when needed, and have their voice be heard

by the PTA Board. I am excited to see how this program will continue to impact the lives of our students. We

will spend the year working passionately with them to impart long lasting leadership skills in a fun

positive learning environment.

Along with our education focused initiatives, the PTA will again be sponsoring events like

the PGE Movie Night, Dad’s Club Pizza Party Kick-Off, and the Dad’s Club Mad Science Night. These are

all 100% free events for our students and families. It is an excellent opportunity for our Cheetah’s to

come together and bond as a community.

While student driven programs are our focus it is not the only way PTA provides support. Over the past

few years with the help of our Apex fundraising efforts we have been able to provide 54 Chromebooks

to the Park Glen campus. The addition of these devices has been a major asset to the school. Craig

Weston, the Park Glen principal said, “An important skill for our students is to build their capacity to

work in cooperative groups—having established roles within a united effort to attack a task from

multiple angles.  Park Glen utilizes the Engaged Learning Model (ELM) to facilitate this type of learning,

and Chromebooks allow our students the opportunity to have dedicated technology at their fingertips to

research, create, and present their findings.  Additionally, the Chromebooks are being used anytime the

teacher is needing technology to be available to students for any number of learning tasks.”

Additionally, last year we were able to aid the school in purchasing Project Based Learning Tables for the

4 th grade classrooms.  Funds from paid memberships, Spirit Nights, Box Tops, and Shoparoo help to provide these

much needed purchases. 

I invite you all to stay informed of our upcoming events by following us on Twitter @ParkGlenPTA and

visiting our Facebook page at We also produce a bimonthly newsletter, The

Cheetah Chatter. You can look for that publication to come in an email from Mr. Weston.

Please contact me anytime about PTA events and activities. I am here to assist you in any way that I can.

I look forward to working with everyone this year to the benefit of all families and students.


Mandee Clark

Park Glen PTA President

Proud mom of Michael (8th grade) and Madison (4th grade)

Secretary, Keller Council of PTAs